#unfiltered tan

Rebrand, Web design & Packaging

The Client

#Unfiltered Tan is a wholesale manufacturer for spray tan artists worldwide. You can view the site I created for them and learn more about them here.

The Challenge

#Unfiltered Tan was originally referred to me because the labels they were using were not created to be able to print with metallic accents. After working with #Unfiltered for over a year they requested that I completely rebrand their site and help them reorganize their processes.

The Solution

Their original branding was black and gold, outdated and much too dark. Utilizing color theory and listening to the client, I wanted to bring in more high-end bridal style along with custom illustrations across their branding. Utilizing Woocommerce, Shippo, and cloudways this is my most complex shop to date. I currently host and maintain this site and am teaching the client SEO and growing the site with them as their business grows.

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