5 Irresistible Packaging & Brand Designs from 2022

by | Jan 3, 2023 | Branding, Design, Reviews


It takes less than 7 seconds for your brain to form an initial opinion based on appearance alone. As I’m sure a lot of you do as well, I find myself attracted to and purchasing products based on if I like their branding. I started collecting magazines for collage projects and would get inspiration from the pages for photo and text styles. When Tumblr was all the rage I coded myself an intricate blog curated by color. When Pinterest came out, I abandoned all other apps and would make dozens of boards and share them with friends much as we do on Tiktok and Instagram today. Pair those hobbies with an early Mad Men obsession and I wanted to put together advertising pitches for big companies like Coca-Cola and Cosmopolitan.

You could say I’m a sucker for a good marketing strategy and these are a few of the brands that caught my attention in 2022 and live up to the hype!


Butcherbox Logo Groceries are expensive. I love cooking family style meals and planning them in advance can be difficult but I first heard of ButcherBox from a youtube creator that I watch! ButcherBox prices are super great and I believe cheaper than in-store for me because of my add-ons, and when I signed up I had a discount and free bacon for life. Their branding is super clean and simple, and their company values are top notch. They are transparent about who they are and what they sell! Here’s a link to check them out – their deal right now is free ground beef for life which may change at any point!

I first heard about this sock company on a comedian’s podcast. I just liked the name because it was fun to say and went to see what the company looked like and found out that they have a good mission to donate an item for every purchase of a pair of their socks. The socks themselves are quite expensive which made me hesitate on purchasing them, so I waited until a holiday and got everyone around me a pair. They’re the nicest socks I’ve ever owned, for real. Their branding is adorable and their quality and mission is clear, check Bombas out!


It really wouldn’t be a brand appreciation list for me without my drink obsession. Dutch Bros is wild, fun, colorful, quick and supportive of artists with monthly sticker giveaways and frequent merch drops. I collect their stickers and am going to make magnets out of them. They released an app that is equally as quirky and I go at least once a week. Double Blended Marmalade Rebel is my current pick me up, their website and branding is amazing and I wish I could own my own Dutch coffee stand.


I love makeup and I grew up reading and watching Bobbi Brown’s makeup recommendations everywhere. I have one of her many books she’s published and I know that she left the company that has her name and formed Jones Road Beauty by herself. I’m a no-makeup, makeup kind of woman on most days and I love that she marketed towards us specifically with good skincare ingredients and multi-use products. I bring her products with me for quick travel needs, especially The Face Pencil and a tawny miracle balm that I use as blush, eyeshadow, lip balm and I rub it on my neck as well. It was hilarious when makeup artist’s who use a LOT of product were trying to review it and Bobbi Brown stuck up for herself on TikTok about it. This is another extremely clean and straight forward branding strategy, timeless!


Queue the eye rolls! I saved up points through Ulta for a few years and bought ALL of our bathroom necessities there to try and justify the price of my Dyson Airwrap. It’s beautiful, I plan on having it for decades and love showing it to friends and family. I got the 2022 Vinca blue and Rosé version, and keep it in the original packaging because of how beautiful and durable the box is. Dyson really does a fantastic job of creating high demand for their products and using fancy technology terms and marketing videos to make their pricing seem justified. It’s just a tool at the end of the day, but it’s also a designer piece of artwork on my vanity. 


What brands were irresistible to you in 2022 and what new products are you starting to see gain traction out there? If you love these companies as well and think that you could use some help with your brand strategy and consistency, packaging or web design – reach out to me now!


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